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Sea Angling in North East Scotland
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2018 Open Results


The annual Open on 4th February enjoyed bright, mild, dry conditions. Despite a lack of strong winds the previous week there was good colour to the sea, manage-able swells and some movement to the water. This was a day for small fish.


30 Anglers entered, of which 15 returned with a catch to weigh-in.

Ian Hardie, Forfar, took first place (6.48kg)

Mark Summers, Peterhead, was second (5.12kg)

Keith Galloway, Forfar, was third (4.92kg)

Tony Watters, Aberdeen, again had the biggest fish at 2.0kg

Only cod were weighed-in




2017 Open Results


The re-scheduled Open on 5th March saw good fishing conditions, with gentle easterly winds giving swells which brought cod within range.


18 anglers entered

Tony Watters, Aberdeen took first place with 7.3kg

Mark Summers, Peterhead was second with 5.6kg

Gary Rezin, Aberdeen was third with 5.2kg

Top prize for the biggest fish went to Tony Watters, 3.68kg

Only cod were landed



2016 Open Results 


Thanks to all who took part in the annual Open on 7th February 2016. Your support is very welcome.

  • 29 anglers entered
  • The top prize for the biggest fish went to Donny Garden, Peterhead (3.1kg)
  • 1st heaviest bag - Tony Watters, Aberdeen (5.9kg)
  • 2nd - Wayne Frost, Aberdeen (5.7kg)
  • 3rd - Andy Kemp, Aberdeen (5.4kg)


Of the 29 who took part 12 weighed-in. Strong gusting SSE winds (stronger than forecast) made many marks barely fish-able and although visiting anglers took their share of fish, it was locals who were able to claim the top three spots (but not by much). Only cod were weighed-in.