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Sea Angling in North East Scotland
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Thistle-Ads & Merchandise

When choosing tackle there's a temptation to consider the readily-available budget combos, bits and pieces advertised online or in magazines. You might be lucky, but we've all had experience of purchases which underperform expectations, or which don't last. For those who value their fishing time and would like to equip themselves with appropriate gear, but who don't want to invest heavily in high-end tackle until they're sure what they need, this section lists items on offer from Thistle members:






Rough Leads

Don't pay shop prices for weights. If you can find scrap lead you can make your own, but if you don't want to invest in moulds or spend fishing-time working with molten metal here's an idea. Contact Bob Blocksidge who will cast your scrap into rough leads, keeping some back to pay for the work involved. You'll get finished weights (5 or 6oz plain or gripper types in a variety of patterns, bullets or boat leads etc) without the risk of burning down your shed, and some of the retained weights will be offered for sale.

If you can't scavenge enough scrap lead simply buy the finshed items at a competitive price of £5 per dozen for plain 5 or 6oz beachbomb rough leads, or £5 per ten gripper types. That's from 42p each, which is enough to pay in view of the number of leads you might lose when rock fishing.