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Aberdeen Thistle Sea Angling Club

Sea Angling in North East Scotland
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About Us

Thistle membership usually settles at about 30 anglers each season. All pay a set membership fee (now £20) in March. For someone joining part way through the season the fee reduces in line with the portion of the Club's 'season' remaining. They enjoy the following benefits:


  • Liability Cover. At Club events anglers have third party liability and member-to-member liability insurance cover.

  • Organised meetings. Sixteen meetings per year are organised as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Championships. The points scoring system is used to determine the winner of each event; each quarterly champion receives an engraved trophy awarded annually. The overall champion also gets an engraved trophy.

  • Other awards go to the captor of most species, the best specimens etc each season.

  • Members can also enter an optional pool, with a cash prize for the biggest fish weighed-in at each meeting. Guests are also welcome to join-in and enter the pool (£5)

  • Safety. Safety while fishing is your personal responsibility, but it is comforting to know that organised events have procedures in place to launch search-and-rescue operations for anglers who don't return at weigh-ins.

  • An annual trip is organised to fish for the West Coast Trophy.

  • In addition to regular meetings, members get together to fish in groups from time to time, charter boats, travel to events outside the area, and take trips to Norway.

On joining, new members can request a copy of maps showing the names of some of the more popular marks in the area, plus lists of Club records and size limits. These documents can also be downloaded from the 'Forms and Maps' page. Just as important, they get 16 dates when they know in advance they can go fishing in the company of other members.


For further information there is a brief summary which outlines how the club operates, plus the main fishing rules, which can be downloaded from the 'Forms and Maps' page.